February 3, 1999

Translation sparks opposition
Fran's recruits signal progress
Colloquia spotlights art professor's work
Museum celebrates 150 years of Fort Worth

Coach Dennis Franchione at a recent press conference.

Seize the Future
Students should utilize campus resources
Help isn't a bad word
Valentine's Day not for the faint of heart
Visit home prompts questions of one's identity

Recruits join football 'family'
Intramurals kick off
NBA season opens with many changes

Chris Haynes, a senior political science major (above, left), Abhijat Singh, a freshman pre-major (above, right) and others compete in the intramural chess tournament Monday night. Singh won the tournament.

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How often do you attend sports at TCU?
Frequently: 45 Sometimes: 39 Never: 16


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