February 3,1999

SGA set to make an impact
Condom Sense
Using protection is only way to be safe
Community tunes to TCU
Grieser picks pairs with care

International Welcome
Oisin O'Connell, president of the International Student Association, addresses new and existing members of the group. All students, international or not, are encouraged to participate in the organization.

99 Days
SGA needs to work on visibility
Equality in gift giving
Valentine's Day should be fun for both genders
'TCUish' Smoking
No matter what your view, take a stand
Strength can help evict feelings of loss, loneliness

Swim meets bring victory
Rifle team stifled in tourney

The men's team, led by senior Jason Flint, had one meet, beating Rice on Saturday.

Purple Poll:
Do you support designated smoking and smoke-free areas?
Yes: 68 No: 32


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