February 2, 1999

Greeks mourn loss of Zeta member
Disaster shakes Colombian students
Hicks a 'spark plug'
Networking remains key to job searches

A Good Night's Sweep
United Campus Ministries sponsored a broomball game at the Skatin' Texas Ice Rink Friday night. The event was held as a social to promote fellowship and interaction between people of different denominations. Over 40 students attended the event.

Come Together
Super Bowl deserves holiday status
SUVs only sport image
Y'all clean up that brutal language over yonder

Owls defeat Frogs, 76-69
Track team regains groove in last meet
Lady Hoops lose despite early lead

Sophomore guard Ryan Carroll scored 12 points and grabbed six rebounds in the Frogs' loss to Rice University Saturday night in Houston.

Purple Poll:
Do you drive a sports utility vehicle?
Yes: 17 No: 83


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