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Recreation center provides TCU community with healthy living

By Jennifer Noy
Skiff Staff

Throughout the cardio area, machines hum as TCU students exercise. Below, the sound of basketballs echo through the gymnasium. In the basement, there is silence as someone gets a message.

The Recreation Center is the only place on campus that offers such a wide variety of activities for students, said Steve Kintigh, director of campus recreation. From personal televisions on every cardio machine to a rock-climbing wall, the facility is focused on student needs.

Less than two years ago, the Recreation Center opened its doors a newly-renovated facility.

The old building was much smaller and was not used as much, said Kintigh. An average of 2,000 to 3,000 students pass through the new center daily.

As the second largest structure on campus, the Recreation Center commands attention. When planning the new facility, Kintigh said he wanted “a building that said ‘Wow’ when you walk up to it, ‘Wow’ when you walk into it, and ‘Wow’ when you turn every corner.”

The end result, despite its $30 million price tag and changing completion dates, is wonderful, Kintigh said.

The renovation of the Recreation Center was completed in only 19 months. To a student, that is an eternity, said Kintigh, but for construction workers it is amazingly fast.

Kintigh said some of the highlights of the newly facility include the weight room, which is always busy, and the outdoor pool. The pool area gives students a safe, enclosed place to lie out in the sun.

The Recreation Center celebrated its first birthday Jan. 27, 2004. The festivities included free sandwiches from Panera, cake and prizes. The day-long party celebrated the facility’s impact on the TCU campus.

In a health conscious society, the Recreation Center meets the health needs of students and faculty, said Kintigh. With nutrition consultants and personal trainers, the center offers more than just a place to work out.

Kintigh said the Recreation Center has become the gathering place on campus. Students can come in and feel safe. Many students play pool or video games on Friday and Saturday nights, Kintigh said. The facility offers students an alternative to weekend parties, he said.

The Recreation Center is a good outlet to relieve stress or take a study break, said Trevor Smith, a freshman entrepreneurial management major. Smith said his favorite part of the Recreation Center is the indoor track. The carpeted track is better for your knees and is never crowded, Smith said.

The Recreation Center has become a selling point for TCU. Ashley Garousi, a sophomore advertising/public relations major, works in the Center and gives tours. Everyone is amazed at everything the Recreation Center offers, Garousi said. They always ask lots of questions and are very impressed, she said.

Kintigh said the Recreation Center is high on students’ lists for choosing TCU.

Compared to other colleges and universities, TCU’s state of the art facility is one of the best, Kintigh said. The TCU Recreation Center is the largest in the country in terms of square feet per student, he said.

Whether it is the sauna or sand volleyball courts, the Recreation Center has something everyone can enjoy.
Recreation center
Rock climbing
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State-of-the-art workout equipment (top), a rock climbing wall (center) and rows of treadmills (above) are only a few of the amenities the Recreation Center offers students.
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