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Frog Fountain
Froggie Five-O provides safety, Danno

By Leslie Harrison
Skiff Staff

The Froggie Five-0 title originated from a joke between a former TCU police officer and a buddy of his in 1996 as they were discussing the newly-implemented escort service provided to TCU female students.

They decided to find a catchy name for it and chose Froggie Five-0, from the old television show, Hawaii Five-0. The purpose of offering this service for the women on campus is no joke.

“The reason behind offering a security service for females was to ensure safety and prevent sexual assaults,” said TCU’s Crime Prevention Officer, Pamela Christian.

TCU’s escort service has offered female students a safe alternative to walking around campus. Although the service is offered to females from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Christian wants it to be known that it “is not a taxi service.” Christian said the student escorts providing the service are “extra eyes and ears for the TCU police to ensure the safety of our students.”

Men are able to use the service but Christian expects them to use it only for emergencies.

“I used it a lot as a freshman,” said senior communication major Staci McGrath. “It was nice to know that someone was there to watch over you.”

TCU students, male or female, work the escorting shifts and are trained to ensure proper safety measurements in case of an incident. Christian said the main qualification for becoming a Froggie Five-0 escort is a valid Texas driver’s license and an extensive interview with Christian.

Escorts for Froggie Five-0 wear a T-shirt and a ball cap clearly marked with Froggie Five-0 for students’ protection.

The accident rate for Froggie escorts is about one accident every other year, so females should take comfort, Christian said.

The number of rapes and attacks since Froggie Five-0 escort service has been in effect is unknown. Rape is the No. 1 unreported crime, so there are no definite statistics.

The TCU Police Department averages around 15 to 200 calls per shift. Christian said Sunday nights are the busiest due to students returning to campus from being away for the weekend.

Along with offering an escort service, the TCU Police Department offers a rape aggression defense system (R.A.D.) for women at TCU. It is a system for learning self-defense tactics and techniques. College women are taught sexual assault prevention techniques, avoidance and risk reduction in the 12-hour class. It also offers an optional “dynamic simulation” exercise during which you get to apply your techniques with a trained aggressor, according to the TCU Web site. These classes are held on campus and are free for students and staff.

TCU isn’t the only campus taking steps to fight rape. The University of North Texas, Texas Wesleyan and Texas Women’s University are among the local colleges taking an active role in protecting their students with escort services like Froggie Five-0.

The risk of rape is four times greater for women between the ages of 16 to 24, according to the Department of Justice Statistics on college rape. Also, an estimated 13 percent of college women had been stalked since the beginning of the school year, while a vast majority of the women were attacked after 6 p.m. in living quarters, according to the study.

Froggie Five-0 is a funny name a lot of students around campus laugh about. But the effects of offering the escort service, along with self-defense classes, are no laughing matter for a number of TCU women.

Sexual assault on campus are a serious yet preventable problem that the police department hopes to prevent. Female students are urged to use any of the emergency phones located on campus if they feel unsafe for any reason. Froggie Five-0 can be reached by dialing from one of the various campus phones or by dialing TCU police at 257-7777.
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