TCU Daily Skiff Friday, April 23, 2004
Frog Fountain
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Employee wages debated by task force, Chancellor Boschini
Staff members are looking for ways to battle problems in the university’s wage system.

Many university staff members have to work two jobs to meet their basic needs, staff members say.

Gerardo Ramirez, who has worked as a groundskeeper for 10 years, said there are many employees struggling just to survive.

“I’ve had two jobs since I started here, and I can make you a list of all the people that work two jobs to be able to make it,” Ramirez said. “I hope they do something. It’s hard.”
Super Frog gets a ticket.
Greeks raise money and give time to good causes
More than $121,000 and 25,000 hours of community service were donated to charities by Greek organizations in 2003.

Fraternity and sorority members may have to work extra hard this year if they hope to surpass the successes of 2003’s philanthropic events.
Christianity feels rift over homosexuality
Homosexuality has stirred debate in many denominations.

The controversy surrounding gays and lesbians and their role in Christianity was highlighted this spring at TCU
A ticket to raising funds
When not fighting crime, university police writing citations

If students updated their parking permits, the number of parking citations would be reduced significantly.
Learning lessons to last a lifetime
Growth in life shouldn’t stop with successes, says a 46-year-old junior interior design major.

If wisdom is knowing that you don’t know, then Debra Benditz Morgan is very wise indeed. Never mind that she can’t figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.
New SuperFrog to be announced
Mascot hopefuls can expect a year of parades, pep rallies and football games if chosen to fill SuperFrog’s shoes.

One might think a mascot with chiseled abs would have to fight the ladies off with a stick.

But according to some who have stepped in SuperFrog’s shoes, its the kids who attack, and with only a four inch space to see out of, surprise attacks are common.
Press excels after years in city
TCU’s press allows for publication of some unique regional and Fort Worth history.

Down the hill at the corner of Sandage Avenue and Bowie Street, a little brick building is nestled in the shadows.
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