TCU Daily Skiff Friday, April 23, 2004
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The best of times, the worst of times
The end of semester prompts yays and nays

Cheers: To our wonderful readers who pick up the Skiff every day.

Jeers: To classes we fall asleep in on a regular basis.

Cheers: To the end of classes we fall asleep in on a regular basis.

Jeers: To long, boring graduation ceremonies.

Cheers: To our editor in chief making several critical assertions in his final column that we recommend every Bush-supporter read.

Jeers: To all of our senior friends graduating.

Cheers: To professors who make finals optional.

Jeers: To still not being able to register for needed classes.

Cheers: To being so close to the end of college.

Jeers: To being so far away from the end of college.

Cheers: To our administration for vowing not to censor the Skiff.

Jeers: To Baylor University’s administration, which censored the school’s paper.

Cheers: To finally graduating (some of us).

Jeers: To having to find a job.

Cheers: To getting to enjoy TCU for five full years.

Jeers: To never writing another story for the Skiff.

Cheers: To the Lady Frogs basketball team for making it to the NCAA Tournament for the fourth time.

Jeers: To poor attendance at athletic events.

Cheers: Finally sticking with one major for more than a year.

Jeers: To having many worthless text-books the bookstore won’t buy back.

Cheers: To getting a social life back.

Jeers: To friends going home for the summer.

Cheers: To our columnists who keep the opinion page interesting.

Jeers: To still having no plans to start a softball team.
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