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Pot: Just what the doctor ordered
Medicinal marijuana should be made lega

Have you ever seen the ad where the woman dying of cancer reaches down to roll her joint? How about the one where a man suffering from chronic pain lights up to relieve his pain?

I bet you haven’t.

That’s because images of marijuana typically show it as a negative drug, as a gateway drug.

While its use as a recreational drug can’t be disputed, marijuana also can have a positive aspect to it. For this reason, marijuana should be made legal for medicinal purposes.

If a drug has redeeming qualities, such as marijuana, and has been proven to be a successful way to ease pain and suffering, why should the government keep it from us?
They shouldn’t. While marijuana is not a cure, it can be used as a complement to treatment. It is proven to relieve symptoms of cancer, glaucoma, chronic pain and even AIDS.

The symptoms associated with these diseases are known to be unbearable at times. If a physician believes it to be a safe and effective alternative to medicine, they should have the ability to prescribe to their patient any drug that will make them feel better, including marijuana.

The distribution of legal marijuana can be controlled with prescriptions and guidelines as to what constitutes medicinal use.

Another consideration for legalizing marijuana is that society has accepted other drugs that have little or no redeeming qualities.

Alcohol for example, while it may help your heart in small quantities, has no other redeeming qualities, yet over time society has accepted it.

Cigarettes fall under the same category. Society has accepted them despite their track record of bad health.

People should be open to discussion about legalizing marijuana and put aside the stigmas that have been associated with it in the past.
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