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You must file; but understand?
Forms even taxing to the IRS

Ugh, tax day.

Did you remember to get your’s done?

Did you even understand what you were doing?

Unless you are a professional accountant, you probably don’t. Even some IRS workers don’t understand their own system.

It’s odd how the newspaper industry publishes newspapers at a sixth grade reading level, while at the same time we have a tax system that no one seems to understand.
What’s up with that?

You could call the IRS and ask for help. They’ll do it and do it for free, too. But that isn’t even always correct.

In the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it was reported that even the IRS themselves have problems and don’t understand their own system.

And the American public is suppose to?


This system needs to be redone. Reworked. And revamped.

Something needs to be done about the tax codes so that at least a majority of the population can understand how it works.

If it is not the system that is the problem, then the IRS needs to get people out there who know how to do it. Not everyone is an accountant or the friend of an accountant.
Someone needs to help the people who don’t know what they’re doing.

To be honest, people aren’t smart. Here in college, we often think the person next to us isn’t too bright, but even they made it into college. There is still a portion of the population that didn’t make it to college.

And the IRS and government is expecting them to file their own taxes?
The IRS has high hopes, very high hopes.
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