TCU Daily Skiff Thursday, April 8, 2004
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Attention to detail is university policy
State Department safety warnings rightly end trip

Policies are generally enacted by the university to ensure the well-being of the general population. Curfews in dorms are to provide a safe environment for residents. No parking in certain zones guarantee a path for a fire truck if necessary. No funding student organization trips to countries where there are State Department-issued travel warnings because — well, you get the point.

The African Heritage Organization recently learned that its trip to Kenya had been canceled due to a university policy that prevents students, faculty and staff from using university funds for trips to areas with State Department-issued travel warnings. This particular warning was issued last September, urging Americans to avoid non-essential travel to Kenya because of terrorist threats.

Interestingly, the policy prevented a trip to Israel last year for the same reason. This small detail was apparently missed by both the SGA and AHO in their attempts to allocate funding for the trip. Whether you’re asking or providing for a trip that requires such a large amount of funding — specifically $14,208 — from an organization designed to benefit all students, you would think that the policy warranted more of an interest than an oversight caught by the university after the fact.

And while many university policies seem to have been instituted out of the blue, this one appears to be pretty legit. There is no reason the university should condone, much less provide funding for, a trip that could potentially put students in danger.
Sending students to a country that has government-recognized potential danger for tourists may not be the best thing to do.
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