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Students feel safe despite attacks
Terrorist attacks such as the train bombing that killed about 200 people in Madrid, Spain, have not caused much uneasiness among students studying abroad.

By Allison Goertz
Staff Reporter

Students studying in Spain this semester say they are continuing to live life and enjoy the opportunity they have after terrorism has shaken the country in recent weeks.

The terrorist attacks in the country include the train bombing on March 11, which killed around 200 people in Madrid, Spain, and a suicide bomb in an apartment south of Madrid Saturday.

“These are uncertain times in the world when we must make decisions to carry on with our lives in spite of terrorist attacks that intend to scare us,” said Tracy Williams, the TCU education abroad coordinator.

Students may be hesitant to go overseas, she said, but most have not been overly concerned about the bombings in Madrid.

“My mom called me everyday after the attacks,” said Lauren Robinson, a junior studying abroad in Seville, Spain. “Naturally she is really worried, but I think that the U.S. news media has made it a lot worse than it is.”

A few parents have called about the train bombing in Madrid, but mostly to confirm that the study abroad programs in Spain would not be canceled, Williams said.

“After the bombing in Spain, we called the parents of all the students on the TCU Seville program, and most felt comfortable with their students being there,” Williams said.

Elizabeth Buchanan, a junior studying in Spain this semester, said she feels safer in Spain than she would if she were in the United States because she doubts anything else will happen there.

“My family is not worried about me being here. They know I will make good decisions and avoid situations that might be dangerous,” Buchanan said.

Robinson still feels safe in Seville and has enjoyed witnessing the unity of the people there, she said. During the evening hours, Robinson said, stores and public places close and there are peace walks and demonstrations.

“It has been amazing to see the Spaniards come together and show their support for the people of Madrid,” Robinson said.
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