TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, April 7, 2004
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Political debates enlighten students
Activism needed outside of election years, too

Hey, College Republicans and Young Democrats. How ya been? Long time no see.

Where have you all been hiding yourselves?

It’s great to see two campus political groups coming together to discuss key issues involved in the upcoming election. We hope the student body will go to the debate, and leave more informed about those issues.

Both groups deserve kudos for hosting the debate, but where have they been the past few years? Why have the college political groups waited until an election year to decide they should debate? Shouldn’t political activism be something to take part in every year?

There seems to be no one in American society who enjoys arguing back and forth more than political activists. No one.

Well, except for the one person who will argue you to the grave that the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers was the greatest football team of all time, but let’s get back on topic.

So there is no reason why the two groups can’t engage in more political discussions, more often.

There are many issues to cover, and the debate Thursday is only covering four of them. We would like to see discussions on the environment, health care and welfare reform.

Who has ever heard of a politician who doesn’t enjoy beating a dead horse?

And these are issues students need to think about.

Politics is something people should care about all the time, not just months away from a highly-contested presidential election.

We’re glad the College Republicans and Young Democrats are bringing certain political topics to the forefront, but why haven’t they been stirring up controversy every other year?

Students need to be engaged in political discussion and contemplation, and debates like the one being held Thursday are an excellent way to force students to evaluate their beliefs.

The debate is the only student-led political clash we remember, and that’s worth hearing.
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