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Frogs to turn losses around
The men’s tennis team hopes a recent losing streak will not keep them from re-establishing early-season success.

By Ryan Claunch

The TCU men’s tennis team hopes to use the past few weeks’ experiences to help it prepare for its tough remaining schedule.

After starting the season with a perfect 12-0 record, the Frogs have slipped of late, losing three of their last five matches, including two against top 10 opponents.

“We started out strong this season,” head coach Joey Rivé said. “I think we’re doing fine. It’s a long season and we’re looking to build through the end up until the Conference USA tournament.”

Rivé also said the No. 14 Frogs became highly motivated early on in the season and that they still have that same motivation.

The team faced its first loss of the season with a 3-4 upset by No. 51-ranked Tulsa. Following the season’s first loss, the Frogs gathered themselves and bounced back with victories over Miami and Boise State 7-0 and 4-3 respectively.

“The loss against Tulsa was a tough road loss,” Rivé said. “With that loss we learned that we can’t take people for granted, or simply by their ranking. It showed us that no matter what we always need to be aggressive.”

Following those two victories, the Frogs have lost their last two matches, falling to No. 6-ranked Rice and most recently No. 2-ranked Baylor on Tuesday.

Rive said the current losing streak has more to do with a tough schedule than poor performances.

“With teams like Rice and Baylor, there’s always the possibility that we would still have lost despite how well we played,” he said. “There are lots of good teams in our schedule this season and several are very hard to play.”

Rivé explained that at any given point, it is difficult for everyone to be at their best.

“It’s tough for all the players to be at the top of their game at any one match,” he said. “With that we know we need to always stay focused and work hard as a team each and every match.”

Their next two matches promise to be challenging. The men’s team will play their next two on the road, first heading to North Carolina to face Duke today, followed by Virginia on Sunday.

Rivé said that playing a couple matches on the road will benefit the team, considering their schedule has been home-heavy.

“I believe that it will be good for us to get out on the road for a few matches, he said. “We’ve been playing too many here and I feel it will build character for us to get out there and play some good matches on the road,”
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