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Guys: Wait for ‘the look’

Jenny Hall is a junior advertising/public relations major from Kingwood.

I have a gripe.

This weekend while partaking in some down time on 6th Street in Austin, a peculiar thing happened. Well, not that peculiar since it has happened more times than I care to think about.

Here’s the scenario.

You’re in a bar, you make eye contact with a guy across the way. Keep in mind this is accidental eye contact. You see him and think, “Eh.” He sees you and thinks, “Opportunity.”

I think you see where I am going.

It’s like a hunt.

As soon as you break away from your pack of friends he goes in for the kill.

Stealthily he makes his way across the crowded bar, manuevering through tables and chairs.

You feel his presence, you sense him closing in as you quickly make your way to the safety of the ladies room.

Unfortunatly you stumble on a fallen beer bottle. Your moment of confusion allows the predator to close in and before you know it he has you.

There you are. Stuck. Having to talk to this guy. It may start out with, “What’s your name?” But it always will end with you saying “no thanks” or “I’m with her” (although guys sometimes like this, so while it may seem the easy way out, it doesn’t always work).

The problem I am trying to get at is that accidental eye contact in no way means, “come over here you big stud.”

If you are going to attempt to pick up a woman at a bar you need to be certain she wants to be picked up.

Knowing the different kinds of body movement and eye contact might help. And just because she is wearing a low-cut shirt does not mean she is saying, “Sure thing.”

First thing first, never approach a girl in a bar unless she has made eye contact at least twice. This isn’t just any old eye contact. If she is scanning the bar she will probably have no choice but to make eye contact with a few young men. If she lingers there, then you know.

When this happens and she has stopped her gaze on you, the first thing to look for is the head tilt. Does she turn it to the side a bit?

Watch her movements, how does she drink her drink while looking at you. If she plays with her straw and sips slowly, she is being seductive. If she chugs it down and belches, chances are she’s not the one you’re looking for.

Next, before bombarding her with questions, slowly make your way up to the bar. Stand a few people away and order a drink. Don’t order her a drink just yet. Girls like to play this game, it’s called ‘How many suckers can I get to buy me a drink tonight?’ If you do this too quickly she will lose interest.

Next, see how she reacts to your presence. Does she immediately turn her back to you and smother herself in the protection of her girlfriends or does she turn her body toward you and wink?

The next step is simple, if she blows you off, immediately forget about her and move on. If she doesn’t, start talking to her. Don’t compliment her great body and don’t compliment her beautiful eyes yet. She will see right through this. Talk about something else first. Mention her friends and how they look like they are having fun. Ask her what she is drinking. Then compliment, but only once. What happens after this is up to you, just don’t appear desperate.

The point is, don’t approach unless you get the long lingering glance. Otherwise, just prepare yourself to get shot down.
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