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The story of Dick the cat and the rats in my house

Carlos Alvarado is a senior education major from Weslaco.

Last March, I found out about rats in my house. I am thankful to my cat Dick, who decided to “do the right thing” and inform me vermin were in my house and where they were. I did wonder why he did it. I noticed how he was spending less time with the other cats. Was he angry at them about something? Is he really so concerned about my well being? He is, after all, a cat who dropped the ball as well.

I turned on the light where he said they were and the rats scurried all about. Upon further investigation, I found rat droppings, nasty little spots, and the vermin even gnawed wood and the cables to my stereo speakers.

I was outraged. My first instinct was to lay out the traps and get rid of the vermin who invaded my home. I wanted answers from my cats instead.

I have more than one cat and while I appreciate their company, I feed and care for them because they are supposed to protect me from things like this. I set up a commission to figure out why they dropped the ball and allowed this invasion to take place.

The cat who came forth tried to give me the answers but I didn’t want to hear it from him, I wanted to hear it from his friends, the ones responsible for most of the carnage. Dick did issue an apology for the actions to try to console me, but again, I questioned his intentions. Dick’s apology is not going to make me feel any better about what happened.

I did feel good about what he told me. Dick said that the cats were more concerned about the birds in the backyard then they were about the rats. Apparently, Dub 2, one of my other cats, is in charge and you see his father, Dub 1, hated the birds in the backyard when he was the leader of my cats as well. The cats knew of the rat threat but would spend countless afternoons leering out the windows and plotting the birds’ demise.

I called for the cats to answer to my charges. I wanted the truth, and some came forth, but they had no answers for me. I received only smooth talking and fancy dancing. These cats were hiding something, and I could see that Arroz, perhaps my smartest cat was indeed holding back. She refused to come forth. Instead she went to all my friends and neighbors and stated her case. She said she would love to testify and “I said come on over”, but she couldn’t under code of Cat law.

Before I knew it my cats were talking to all my neighbors, friends and family members, pleading their case, yet none of them said anything that calmed any of my concerns.

I grew tired of it all. I wanted answers and got only a bunch of cats more concerned about the comforts of their home than of their responsibilities as cats. I laid some traps cleaned up the mess and brought some new cables.

The cats ran out of time, because that November I decided to just get rid of them and move on. I got a dog and hoped that he can do a better job of keeping rats out of my home.

Unfortunately the cat’s legacy will remain for some time because I have a lot of pissed off birds in my backyard.
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