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OneAsia Bistro
Eatery satisfies even the pickiest diner

By Lindsay Houghton
Skiff Staff

OneAsia Bistro is one tasty experience.

OneAsia Bistro, located off Hulen Street and Bellaire Drive, is a small restaurant with a big taste. The menu is large and will satisfy every Pan-Asian pallet. The small interior is modern and cozy, but it welcomes romantic couples or large groups of friends.

The vast menu covers basic Asian dishes but contains the most complex plates such as the OneAsia Sizzling Plate ($12). This dish includes mouth-watering Gulf shrimp, scallops, beef, chicken breast and lean pork combined with bamboo shoots, mushrooms and broccoli in a delicious, spicy brown sauce.

Patron Bob Sitton said this dish satisfied all of his cravings and the portions were very generous. He was pleased that there was a small selection of domestic beers.

There was a wide selection of moderately priced appetizers that ranged from Chinese lettuce wraps to lightly battered shrimp tempura ($8). The shrimp tempura is served with soy sauce and the presentation included slices of pickled ginger and carrots.

Sushi is a mainstream in Asian cuisine. OneAsia Bistro has a small but delicious selection of sushi rolls. One surprising addition is the spider roll ($5) which contains soft-shell crab and cucumber. This delectable combination melts in your mouth.

For the experienced Pan-Asian diners, the Pho soup ($7) is sure to please. The seafood shrimp noodle soup combines the Vietnamese flavors of ginger and scallions with yummy scallops, shrimp and squid. A plate full of add-ins including bean sprouts, basil and fresh lime accompanied the large bowl.

Chicken Teriyaki ($7) is a dish for those who are less daring. Inexperienced diners will find the grilled chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce with a side of white rice irresistible. This plate is enough to make the unfamiliar want to try a little something more.

Gwendolyn Walton, who says she is not a daring diner, raved about the Chicken Teriyaki.

“Next time I’ll definitely try something with a little more kick, but I’m not sure I’m ready for the squid,” she said.

Bubble (Boba) Tea ($3) isn’t a drink you can sip on just anywhere. This Taiwan treat includes tapioca pearls and jelly at the bottom of the beverage. It is served with an oversized straw so the customer can suck the pearls and jelly along with the sweet drink. There are more than 10 flavors to suit any taste. Coconut is a favorite among the regulars.

Co-owners Henry Pham and Ryan Duong and manager Luis Mai have completely redone the former Yoshi’s into a low-lit modern-themed restaurant. One wall boasts yellow paint with a metal overhang letting a minimal amount of light shine through its tiny holes. The others also favor this yellow paint. Each blond-wood table is decorated with a tiny tea light. Some tables are surrounded by four chairs, but others are made cozier by a long booth that stretches the length of the south wall. The ambiance is romantic and new. A small bar at back of the restaurant gives lone diners a place to feel welcome and a friend to talk to.

Overall OneAsia Bistro is a satisfying dining experience. The full menu will include something for everyone in your dinner party. You’re sure to enjoy the fast and delightful staff. Every meal is authentic and the bill won’t put a huge dent in your pocket book.

Food photo
Sarah Chacko/ Photo Editor
Pho One Asia, Spider rolls, and Do Xao Dac Biet (One Asia Sizzling Plate) serve up a complete Asian experience all in one sitting.
Food photo
Food photo
Enjoy your life
Sarah Chacko/ Photo Editor
Boba (bubble) tea is served as a smoothie or on the rocks with tapioca pearls and fruit flavored jellies.
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