TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, March 30, 2004
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Beauty of TCU is in full bloom

Jennifer Noy

As Americans, we are in the middle of an era of political turmoil. The upcoming election has brought numerous issues to the forefront of our attention. I, along with many others, feel strongly about these issues. However, I think we should all take a break. Take a second to stop being angry or defensive and focus on something less serious. Stop and smell the flowers — TCU flowers that is.

It would be easy to get all argumentative and discuss how much money and effort is put into keeping the TCU campus beautiful. I mean, couldn’t that money be spent more wisely? Maybe it could make a dent in our 11 percent tuition increase. But I do not want to get into that.

Actually, I want to do the opposite. I want to praise TCU for putting so much effort into beautifying the campus. I love the flowers that never stop blooming and the grass that is always green when everything else in Texas is brown.

These beauties, though simple, improve our campus. I mean, imagine walking around on a campus completely covered in concrete with the few plants around wilted and dying. This kind of ambiance would do nothing more than make college students depressed and homesick.

Because spring is just beginning, our campus is in its prime. From tulips in every bed to the constant smell of fresh cut grass, the atmosphere is pleasing, to say the least.

Now I don’t mean to seem like a Pollyanna, but walking around on campus really just makes you feel good. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the weather is perfect.

Studying actually sounds pleasurable if I can sit out in the sun on one of TCU’s expansive lawns.

This is the time of year when TCU really comes alive. Usually, the campus seems dead on the weekends but during spring the students come alive along with the flowers.

During the spring there are always students sitting outside, eating in Sadler Mall, or playing a game of frisbee.

This atmosphere is what college is all about. This is one of the only times in our lives where we have so much free time and so many people nearby to socialize with. Why not take it outside and enjoy the fresh air?

So, in the end, I appreciate the effort made by the TCU grounds crew to keep our campus beautiful. There is nothing better than being outside in the warm spring air. Walking from class to class is finally pleasant without having to endure frostbite or chills — and the constantly fresh flowers and green lawn just make it that much better.

Jennifer Noy is a sophomore advertising/public relations and psychology major from Austin.

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