TCU Daily Skiff Friday, March 26, 2004
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We all need to learn tolerance
Discrimination against homosexuals is wrong

In reference to the story in today’s feature section about homophobia on campus, we would like to offer an opinion: We, the student body as a whole, need to grow up.

As mentioned in the story, homosexuals have been the target of harassment in years past. Not only is that kind of action childish and immature, but it has no place on a college campus.

Whether you agree with homosexuality is not the issue; it is about tolerance. There is no sense in discriminating against a person simply because he or she has a different lifestyle.
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Bush administration must take responsibility

This past weekend hundreds of thousands of people from around the world turned out to protest the Bush administration’s hawkish policies and military actions in Iraq. Their voices echo the outrage that was felt when the United States first invaded Iraq over a year ago in what many call an illegal and unprovoked invasion. While no one mourns the loss of Saddam Hussein, we must consider whether toppling his regime has produced the desired effect.
U.S. correct in starting war, staying in Iraq

One year ago, President Bush addressed the nation and the world saying that Saddam Hussein and his sons had 48 hours to leave Iraq. This anniversary gives all of us the chance to reflect on the United States and Iraq as we enter an important election season.
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