TCU Daily Skiff Thursday, March 25, 2004
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Loan request for TV station rightly tabled
CEO TV a good idea, but needs a little more thought

The time is ... well, not now.

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization asked the House of Student Representatives Tuesday to table their $38,000 loan request to start a student-run television station, citing confusion and a lack of support.

In a statement, club members Michael Hennig and Jason Ruth said they would only feel comfortable moving forward with the station with the “evident and comprehensive support of TCU’s students, faculty and student government.”

We commend members of the CEO Club for realizing that no such comprehensive support exists.

At the same time, we also commend the group for taking the initiative to propose such a television station. It’s a great idea.

The task, however, is a giant undertaking. A television station, or even a newspaper, is not a vehicle created solely for the purpose of the advertising dollar. The time and expertise necessary to run a television station cannot be underestimated, especially by a group asking the House for nearly $40,000.

Before Spring Break, Michael Hennig told the House there would be two students selling advertising for every one person producing programming. While the CEO Club intended to hire radio-TV-film and journalism majors, we’re not sure they would have been capable of running a professional station without professional guidance.

We think that if a student-run television station were to be feasible, it would need to be funded and overseen by the university. That would provide the stable financing and expertise necessary for the station to succeed.

The station would need the cooperation of both the radio-TV-film and journalism departments and a university authority to settle conflicts and funding questions that would inevitably arise between parties.

Give the CEO Club credit for dreaming big. But we’d like to see the university get behind a student TV station.
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