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Coach charged with DUI

Women’s basketball coach Jeff Mittie has been charged in Newton, Kan., with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Newton city prosecutor David Yoder said in filing the charge that Mittie had a blood alcohol level of .121 when he was arrested at 3:50 a.m. March 17, The Dallas Morning News reported in its online edition Wednesday. The legal limit in Kansas is .08.
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Attacks prompt hall meeting
SGA and ISA presidents convened to promote awareness after two students were assaulted at Eagle Mountain Lake.

Two students were assaulted last weekend while camping at Eagle Mountain Lake in an attack that may have been racially motivated, university officials said.
Divided we stand?
Pledge comes under scrutiny

WASHINGTON — Not long after the Supreme Court came to order Wednesday with the invocation, “God save the United States and this honorable court,” the justices were deep in a wrenching argument over whether millions of public schoolchildren may continue pledging allegiance to one nation “under God.”
University reacts to Supreme Court proceedings
TCU students and professors share their views on whether “under God” should be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Experts in religion and politics at TCU agree: there needs to be separation between church and state.
Vision in Action panel weighs resource needs
Facilitators said they hoped for more student input during the meeting.

Campus needs such as computer software and musical recording technology were discussed at a meeting Wednesday to help map TCU’s future.

International communications journalism major Monique Bhimani is a junior. Her academic year was wrong in a Vision in Action story Thursday.
New curriculum inches toward final approval
University officials say the new core curriculum requirements will accurately represent the mission statement.

Faculty committee members are still working to select courses that would meet the objectives of the new core curriculum and better reflect TCU’s mission statement of cultural and global awareness.
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