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There is no method to March Madness
College basketball brings chaos — and fun

April showers bring May flowers, but what does March bring? Madness, pure madness — March Madness that is.

The beauty of the NCAA tournament is its unpredictability. You never know which team will come out on top and which teams will hit the road home.

March Madness is jam packed with surprises, and just when you thought your bracket was a surefire and 100 percent unbeatable, your No. 1 prediction loses in the second round, dashing your hopes ... not to mention, ruining your bracket. Take Kentucky for instance. They were predicted to be the strongest team entering the tournament, only to be knocked out by ninth-seeded Alabama-Birmingham. And then there was Stanford — was is the key word — until eighth-seeded Alabama shattered all Stanford’s hopes to stay on the road to the Final Four. Only two No. 1-seeded teams and two No. 2-seeded teams are headed to the Sweet 16.

Accordingly, like all fairy tales, the Cinderella story must come to an end sometime. Gonzaga lost its glass slipper to Nevada, this year’s Cinderella story. Next year Gonzaga should think about going back to being the underdog, then maybe they’ll go somewhere in the tournament rather than out the door.

Not only is March Madness full of upsets, but this year, the first and second rounds happened to be during Spring Break. With no classes to interrupt our intake of the beginnings of the tournament, we watched every upset and game while sitting, relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. Life is great ... and so is college basketball.

Now that Spring Break is over, classes and work should revolve around basketball during the remainder of the tournament. More so, March Madness should be in the running to be considered a national holiday.

March Madness is complete craziness, though at times, bittersweet. In the words of ESPN personality Dick Vitale, “It’s awesome, baby!”
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