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Speaker discusses details of campaigning with students
College Republicans learn about campaigning from assistant district attorney.

By Amy Bowman
Staff Reporter

Debra Dupont, assistant district attorney and candidate for County Court Judge No. 2, spoke to a handful of College Republicans Tuesday about the aspects of campaigning.
Dupont, who graduated from TCU in 1990 with a degree in economics, said campaigning and fund-raising is exciting but hard work. The process includes making calls, mailing pamphlets, writing notes and a seeking financial support.

Generally, four to five pieces of campaign mail is sent to a household of a particular political party. Dupont said she then follows up with a personal call to potential voters. Though other candidates have been successful campaigning through signs and newspapers, it basically comes down to the message and money, she said.

A political consultant can come in handy to calm the candidate’s nerves, Dupont said. As the election draws near, rumors and gossip emerge and the political consultant can have a helpful objective voice.

Mike Boone, junior political science major and president of College Republicans, said he learned a lot about campaigning from Dupont.

“It is interesting to hear about the exciting times and what works and what doesn’t in a campaign,” Boone said.

Dupont, an active participant in the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign, is happy that candidates running for a judicial office can now talk about issues, she said. When controversial issues come up, Dupont said a judge can have an opinion but it is important for them to “apply the law, not make it.”

Bert League, Precinct Chair, said volunteering for elections and joining such activities like the Strike Force, which is when volunteers go door to door supporting their candidate, is a great way for college students to get experience as well as a great addition to resumes. League said this election and those that follow will be interesting times in politics.

League also said joining organizations such as College Republicans is an exciting way to get involved and know what is going on politically in your surroundings.

The College Republicans and Young Democrats will debate April 8. Major issues — including gay marriage, tax reform, the war on terror and fair trade vs. free trade — will be discussed at the debate.

“The debate will be a great way for students to get involved with both parties and make an informed vote in the upcoming presidential election,” said Samantha Cheatham, senior political science major and public relations chair for College Republicans.

Debra Dupont
Sarah Chacko/Photo Editor
Debra Dupont, judicial candidate for the Parker County Court, discusses her campaign with the College Republicans Tuesday night in Beasley Hall.
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