TCU Daily Skiff Friday, March 12, 2004
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Are you being watched?

I’m sure most students noticed a change from the routine over the past few months. Among the normal influx of messages from friends and university announcements, there have been a series of e-mails detailing recent thefts and threats to student safety. Many of these e-mails include a list of helpful safety tips, such as locking your doors and not leaving valuables in plain sight. These tips are valuable; but by now, they should be common sense.

Safety concerns are not new to the campus. Previous accounts of campus rapists have come and gone, but still reflect a reason to be safe. But the break-ins present a criminal sect of the campus society previously unthinkable to many students. The idea of an intruder being able to sneak into the dormitories and lurk in the hallways searching for an unlocked dorm room to burglarize or students to assault is undoubtedly frightening — and it is a viable threat.
Netflix offers new way to rent movies

Imagine an alternative life where you don’t have to leave home to be entertained by movies. No lines, no due dates, no hassling with people.

They call that the movie channel. But for those, who for some reason or another have yet to embrace the idea of satellite dishes and 821 channels, the Internet has made chronic movie watching cheaper.
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