TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Frog Fountain
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Manure happens
Sanitation machine may stress zoo animals
Six okapi living at the Dallas Zoo are the main subjects of research being performed by graduate student Christine Bertz.

They don’t have to face midterms, so why would animals at the Dallas Zoo be stressed?

Christine Bertz, a graduate biology student, is studying stress levels of okapi, the only other animal in the giraffe family besides the giraffe.
Okapi photo
Courtesy of Todd Bowsher
Though Kwanini, an okapi at the Dallas Zoo, looks relaxed, she and five other okapis are part of a study regarding the animals’ stress levels.
Purple haze
Harlan Cohen
Ronnita Miller/Staff Photographer
Harlan Cohen, author of the “Help Me, Harlan!” syndicated advice column, performs an original song about a woman he met at Starbucks before offering relationship advice to students. Tuesday night in the Student Center Lounge.
House tables $38K loan for CEO TV station

Representatives questioned an entrepreneurial club member about the organization’s bill to start a student-run TV station.
Cable killed the music video star

DISH Network removes all Viacom channels from its network after a contract dispute, forcing TCU to lose seven cable channels.
Faculty to discuss new core curriculum

All faculty members will discuss the details of the new core curriculum during a forum this afternoon.
Conference to feature directors, bands

The School of Music hopes a three-day conference for band directors will bring prestige to the program.
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