TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, March 09, 2004
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It’s not about the bike
Fraternity members trek across country for the disabled
Four students will ride from coast to coast this summer partly in thanks to the Student Government Association’s passing of a $4,000 grant.

Sophomore Blaine Kauk was out for a bike ride one day when he overlooked a stop sign.

A police car driving down the road pulled him over. The officer said he nearly hit Kauk and then wrote him a ticket.
Ty Halasz/Staff Photographer
Journey of Hope bikers Ryan Motola, a senior finance major, Blaine Kauk, a sophomore business major, Andrew Hepworth, a sophomore political science, and Cole Bryan, a senior political science major, will ride from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., this summer.
SGA to debate loan for student-run TV station
The CEO club is seeking approval of a loan to create a station to air student programming, news, movies and local events.

The House of Student Representatives will discuss whether to lend nearly $40,000 — the largest loan in its history — to an entrepreneurial club that wants to start a student-run television station to broadcast on TCU cable.
Ex-Speaker answers Democrats’ questions
Members of Young Democrats asked former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives about the upcoming presidential election.

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Jim Wright told students the fundamental difference between Democrats and Republicans is how they make opportunities, especially economic opportunities, available to Americans.
Faculty to assess student effort
Administrators hope to get a better view of the school through a survey that sees how faculty members are helping students get involved both academically and socially.

Faculty members’ opinions about academics will be weighed against what students think about their college experience to know how challenging classes are, administrators said.
Ground Work
Sarah Greene/Staff Photographer
Felipe Juarez of Arlington Pavers removes bricks for the Senior Appreciation Program Monday afternoon in front of the Mary Couts Burnett Library. Seniors purchased the bricks to leave their legacy behind after graduation.
Professors celebrate return of department’s journal
The English department threw a party for the comeback of its nationally circulated publication, Composition Studies.

Forget about grading essays and writing novels, English professors jumped into the party scene last week, eating strawberries and sipping sparkling punch as they celebrated the homecoming of the English department’s journal and its new editorial leadership.
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