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International fest to celebrate cultures
International banquet will feature a variety of heritages that exist in the TCU community.

By Ferrell Fields
Staff Reporter

As students and alumni from around the world gather to celebrate cultural diversity Saturday night, it will be different from years past because this banquet will be a homecoming for international alumni. About 40 former TCU international students are expected to participate in festivities full of food, dancing and culture, said John Singleton, director of international student services.

“This is an easy first step in getting access to other cultures,” Singleton said. “It’s like a snapshot of other cultures’ traditions.”

It is important for the TCU community to come together and celebrate different cultures and beliefs that are represented by international students, said Claudia Vaz, a freshman finance and accounting major. Students from more than 70 countries make up the university’s global community.

The banquet will include a fashion show displaying traditional outfits from more than 60 different countries and a talent show with a variety of international dances and acts, Vaz said.

“This is a unique learning experience for students to look outside their own culture and accept other cultures,” said Kary Sinota, a sophomore finance and accounting major. “It’s important for students to be aware about what’s outside the TCU community.” International students come to America to learn about the country, Vaz said. This is a chance for American students to learn more about other students’ countries and lifestyles, she said.

Singleton said the banquet is an opportunity for people to hang out and get a glimpse into the lives of people from different cultures.

“We want students to think outside their nation,” Vaz said. “The international banquet is a place where the world comes together.”

The cost to attend is $10 for students and $15 for faculty and staff. Tickets can be purchased at the Student Center Information Desk and meal card payments are accepted.
Karly Campbell/Staff Photographer
Students serve Indian food to passersby at the International Week’s “Taste of the World” Wednesday in the Student Center lounge.
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