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Staff Assembly to vote on bylaw revisions

By Marco Lopez
Staff Reporter

Staff members will vote on changes to the Staff Assembly’s structure that would encourage smoother shifts between new and departing officers, assembly members said.

Staff Assembly members reviewed proposed changes to the assembly’s bylaws Tuesday and will vote on the issue next month.

An assembly committee proposed to allow the position of the current chairman to become the past-chairman once the officer’s term is done. According to the current bylaw, the participation of the person acting as chairman in the Staff Assembly is finished once the term is over.

These proposed changes are to soften the transition of officers, said Joshua Harmon, an assembly member.

“These changes were proposed to have the experience of past officers help other Staff Assembly members carry the ball,” Harmon said, who is a TCU systems analyst.

Another proposed change is to allow the position of the past-chairman to be a member of the assembly’s executive committee.

Emily Burgwyn, Staff Assembly chairwoman-elect, said she thinks the proposed changes will not have major opposition because they will benefit Staff Assembly’s operations.

“The changes are to help the Staff Assembly have continuity and add experience to the process,” said Burgwyn, who works in student affairs information services.

Harmon said staff members will vote to add to the assembly’s chair the responsibility of preparing an annual financial statement and making it available for the members.

Nancy Grieser, chairwoman of the assembly’s Committee on Committees, said members will vote on the creation of an orientation session for new Staff Assembly members.

Harmon said the orientation would help new members learn the procedures of the Staff Assembly.
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