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New Fort Worth boutique caters to both unique, chic
A new, misspelled clothing store carrying trendy fashions for men and women is now open near TCU.

By Allison Goertz
Staff Reporter

A new boutique near TCU will have customers seeing “Pinc and Blu.”

Robert Coronado, the owner of the new store, Pinc and Blu, said one of the most important elements of a store is the name. Although the name of his shop contains two misspelled words, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“People will remember it,” Coronado said.

The words represent the fact that Pinc and Blu sells men and women’s clothing. Coincidentally, the two colors also decorate many of the clothes inside the boutique.

The store is located on Park Hill, just down the street from TCU. It opened the first week of February. Pinc and Blu is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Coronado said he thinks TCU students will appreciate what Pinc and Blu is all about.
“If anybody gets what I am trying to do with fashion, it’s the TCU students,” Coronado said.

Tess Phillips, freshman fashion merchandising major, said she is excited about having a new place to shop. She said not only are the jeans at Pinc and Blu cute, but the store also has a personal and friendly environment.

“It’s cute and I didn’t think that Fort Worth had that many unique clothing stores,” Phillips said.

Sophomore TCU student Kendall Karr said that we need more stores like Pinc and Blu.

“I think any store like that is a good addition,” Karr said.

A sampling of the high style brands that Pinc and Blu carries include Seven for all Mankind, Paper Denim and Cloth, Joe's Jeans, and Big Star. Coronado reads fashion magazines to get ideas for what to carry in his own store. He also has friends in Los Angeles that give him the scoop on what is hot right now in the fashion world.

Clothing at Pinc and Blu is purchased in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Dallas. Coronado said he only buys a few of each item so that not everyone is wearing the same thing. Even if he knows he could sell plenty more of an item, he does not order more once it is sold out.

"Sometime you have to say no to the money and look at the bigger picture," Coronado said.

Coronado's commitment to his customers are part of the reason Pinc and Blu is so unique. Attention to detail and the combination of two misspelled words also make Pinc and Blu hard to forget.
Pinc and Blu
Sarah Johnson/Staff Photographer
Senior fashion merchandising major Ashley Fisher peruses clothes at the Pinc and Blu boutique Friday afternoon.
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