TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, March 02, 2004
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Nader’s candidacy a selfish decision
His bid will detract from legitimate candidates

Will the real presidential candidate please stand up?

No, Ralph, not you.

For some reason, Ralph Nader has decided to run for president again, and Republicans everywhere must be jumping for joy.

Running as an independent, it remains to be seen if Nader will actually accumulate the required number of signatures to even make it onto the presidential ballot. Regardless, one thing is for sure: Nader can now spend all his time feeding his ego.

Does he really believe he can be the next president of the United States of America, or has his narcissistic personality reached an all-time high? After all, he did cause quite a stir the last time he ran. He must be trying to recreate the drama of the 2000 election. If there is one thing reality TV has proven, it is that Americans love drama.

We believe, as most Americans probably do, that Nader does not stand a chance at becoming president. His “campaign” will do nothing more than increase his visibility for his own good. If he needs to be reassured that he has some power and authority, he should coach a Little League team, not run for president.

If the 2004 election is as close as the 2000 election, will Ralph Nader be the X-factor for the victor? Maybe he is hoping for such an outcome. What could be more empowering than knowing you took votes away from a real presidential candidate? Well, maybe actually being the president.

Nader should do all presidential candidates and real politicians a favor and return to the obscurity from which he emerged. However, if he does get the required signatures to be put on the ballot and chooses to continue his march to the White House, it could be a move that would affect the entire country. Heck, maybe the Republicans will even send him a “thank you” note.
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