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Foster hosts a hall social fit for the birds
Representatives from the Fort Worth Zoo brought a few of their furry, feathered and scaled friends to Foster Hall.

By Mark Lettieri
Staff Reporter

Students held alligators, petted cane toads and laughed as a black footed penguin hopped up the lobby stairs of Foster Hall Monday evening.

For a hall social event, Foster Hall Council invited two representatives from the Fort Worth Zoo to entertain students with a live animal demonstration. The lobby was completed in full circus decor, including colorful balloons and a giant, fair-style popcorn machine.

Students gathered around to watch as Animal Outreach Manager Sean Greene and his assistant displayed various members of the Fort Worth Zoo’s animal kingdom. A giant Burmese python received gasps from much of the crowd.

Jacob Heise, a sophomore engineering major, favored the spring hare, a cross between a kangaroo and a rabbit, as it hopped about the carpet while other onlookers reveled in its charm.

“This was pretty cool. We need more stuff like this,” Heise said.

Students laughed when certain guests, namely the black footed penguin and the cane
toad, chose to relieve themselves on the lobby floor.

Foster Hall Council President Angela Stodeick, a junior education major, played a large role in organizing the demonstration after Courtney Bowles, head resident assistant, suggested the event.

Bowles “tried it previously in Jarvis and it was big success. So, we figured it could work in Foster too,” Stodeick said.

And work it did, as over 65 people attended the event.

“I noticed there were a lot more people at this event than there had been at previous hall socials,” said Courtney May, a sophomore nursing major.

The Fort Worth Zoo has worked with many North Texas schools performing similar demonstrations. Greene said the zoo likes to give back to the community as much as they can and especially enjoys working with TCU.
Bird photo
Raveen Bhasin/Staff Photographer
Kanga, a Hyacinth Macaw from the Fort Worth Zoo, in Foster Hall Monday night.
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