TCU Daily Skiff Friday, February 27, 2004
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Voting is not just for ‘Old People’
T-shirt misses its intended message by a mile

With the battle lines clearly drawn in this year’s presidential election, we here at the Skiff think we’ll vote in November.

That’s why we’re so outraged by a new vintage-style T-shirt from Urban Outfitters that displays the phrase “Voting is for Old People.”
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Kerry steps up on issues

For those of you who don’t know, John Kerry is the front-runner in the Democratic primaries. At this point, he is almost guaranteed the Democratic nomination for president. During the last presidential election, the candidates, George W. Bush and Al Gore, had many of the same platforms and the two hardly ever made a solid stance on any issue.
Convicted murderers forfeit their rights, OK to kill them

Many on the left consider it high piety to moan for the rights of convicted criminals. Terrorists imprisoned in Cuba and well-fed killers on death row have frequent petitions offered on their behalf by the unsolicited self-styled saintly-sensitive lefties.
Death penalty fails to carry out justice, should be abolished due to inhumanity

Next week, the United States will prepare to carry out its 900th execution since the policy of capital punishment was reinstated in 1977. As I read this statistic, I can hardly believe it.
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