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Debaters agree: death penalty is wrong

By John Anderson
Staff Reporter

A philosophy professor, a religion professor and a political science professor may usually have plenty to disagree on, but all three were in agreement Tuesday night that the death penalty is wrong.

Amnesty International hosted a discussion about the death penalty for students Tuesday night in the Student Center.

Don Jackson, professor of political science; Richard Galvin, professor of philosophy; and Jack Hill, associate professor of religion, were asked to lead the discussion.

Forty-one students heard the professors talk about statistics on the death penalty, countries that have abolished it and how it applies to religion.

“I think anytime we get together at a so-called institution of higher learning and discuss arguments about important public policy issues, we are doing what we are supposed to be doing,” Galvin said. “It shows that people are paying attention and that they are capable of thinking on their own.”

Hill said, “I thought it was interesting to get a philosopher’s perspective, a political science perspective and somebody from religious studies because we each bring different experiences and perspectives to the issues.”

Some students were disappointed that no one argued for the death penalty.

“It was disappointing in a way that there was no one here in the audience that had an opposing viewpoint and was willing to express it,” said Ronnita Miller, a junior graphic design and radio-TV-film major.

Junior English major Leah Chappabitty said, “I was expecting more people to show up and disagree, I was ready for a fight but no fight was had.”

“I hope it will help people to think longer and harder about it,” Hill said. “Hopefully it will send people back out with some good ideas and good arguments when they are discussing this issue with others.”
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