TCU Daily Skiff Wednesday, February 18, 2004
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Are you informed? Take the Skiff quiz
We put you to the test ...

1. What is the name of the new provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs?
2. Who paid for the new SuperFrog costume?
3. Who won ADPi’s Mocktail Blend-off?
4. What elected position did William Koehler file to run for this week?
5. What position is Koehler retiring from in May?
6. How much does football coach Gary Patterson reportedly make in a year?
7. How much does TCU have to pay to leave Conference USA?
8. What is the name of the new conference TCU is joining?
9. What day must students living in the Bellaire Condominiums be moved out by?
10. How much snow did the Metroplex get over the weekend?
11. Which student is interning with the Bush campaign?
12. Who is Claire Voyance?
13. How many new faculty members will be added in the fall?
14. Name the president of the NCAA.
15. Who is the Democratic front-runner for president?
16. Who coaches the Louisville men’s basketball team?
17. So what is a Skiff, anyway?

1. Nowell Donovan 2. you did (SGA) 3. Fiji 4. president of the Fort Worth school board 5. provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs 6. $650,000 7. $200,000 8. Mountain West 9. May 15 10. 4 inches 11. John Athon 12. Ha ha, we’ll never tell ... (this is a freebie) 13. 16 14. Myles Brand 15. John Kerry 16. Rick Pitino 17. a boat
If you answered 0-4 correctly ... yeah, that’s pretty sad. 5-9: Not bad. 10-13: Nice to see you’re reading the Skiff and not paying attention in class. 14-17: Do you work here or something?
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