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Every day should be special

Catherine Pillsbury

SportsCenter and Miller Lite.

What else could a guy want for Valentine’s Day? Maybe Bud Lite to mix things up a bit and, well ... you know!

But really, what is the point of Valentine’s?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a sweet gesture just as much as the next girl, but I just don’t see the need that it be on one specific day.

Valentine’s has always been marketed as that “special day” to share with your lover, but how many guys really care about this day? Well, maybe one.

Let’s face it, this day has always been for the women. With all the pinks and reds everywhere you look, how could it not be.

I always laughed at the girls in junior high who got a carnation and would flaunt it around. You know, you could buy a carnation from the SGA who sells them as a fund-raiser, and then have it sent to someone. Every girl who got one would carry it around the whole day to show that she was “special.” When I got one, I was more embarrassed than flattered and it went straight in my locker.

The point is, how many guys did you see carrying a carnation in junior high. None! Because they didn’t care.

The girls acted as though they were the only ones who got a flower and told everyone about it’s color, the ribbon, the note, even though we could see the darn flower because, yes, they were still holding it. The funny thing is, every other girl had a flower that looked the exact same with the same color ribbon.

People sell Valentine’s to make it seem like it’s so special when in fact, the day is just an aphrodisiac for those who are in a relationship.

However, if a guy does something random, let’s say, for instance, on May 8 he brings his girlfriend flowers, it is so sweet and nice and she tells all her friends about this random act of kindness. They get jealous and tell her how lucky she is. He becomes a god! But if the same guy did the same thing on Valentine’s Day, it’s not enough! It’s never enough, and the guy gets in trouble.

Valentine’s has turned into a day for apologies and declarations. If the relationship is on the rocks, it’s the day you try to salvage anything that was left of it. You’ll tell them that you love them and that you really do care for them, but you know it will get rocky again!

I know of a girl who waited until after Valentine’s (so she could get the Tiffany’s necklace she wanted) to break up with her boyfriend. Ouch! Guys, if you’re gonna go expensive, make sure she at least likes you! I blame him for that one, idiot!

If your lover treated you right to begin with, there would really be no need for Valentine’s Day, now would there?

Here my theory: All girls like flowers and nice things that are unexpected. Even me! But it’s so much sweeter when it’s not expected, unlike on Valentine’s. It will mean that much more to her and she’ll think that much more of you. It’s just not as special anymore when everyone is getting sweet things on Valentine’s Day, it takes away the element of surprise.

So, guys, let’s come to a common agreement.

We’ll watch SportsCenter and drink beer with you on Valentine’s if you can guarantee that you’ll surprise us with something romantic at least once. We don’t need a Cary Grant, just a guy who acknowledges that we like sweet, random gestures.
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