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Schools plan to hire more faculty soon
Some of the 16 new faculty planned for fall 2004 are expected to be hired this semester.

By Marco Lopez
Staff Reporter

Sixteen new faculty positions will be divided among seven schools in part to help improve the student to teacher ratio, university officials said.

William Koehler, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, worked with the deans of several colleges to decide which schools would get new faculty and how many.
“We have allocated the faculty positions based on the student demands within the departments,” Koehler said.

The new faculty positions were approved by the Board of Trustees Jan. 30.
Chancellor Victor Boschini said more than $1 million will be spent on new faculty.
“These positions were created or opened to ‘begin’ to more accurately reflect the enrollment we currently have,” Boschini said.

Ann Sewell, assistant provost, said in an e-mail that the College of Humanities can hire five new faculty members, one for each of the following: Economics, modern language, political science, sociology and religion.

The School of Nursing can hire two new faculty, Sewell said. Rhonda Keen-Payne, dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences, said enrollment in the nursing school has increased dramatically due to the shortage of nurses and the salary increase in that field.
“The new faculty were not optional, they were a necessity,” Keen-Payne said.

Allison Liw, a nursing sophomore, said she thinks hiring two new nursing faculty will help lower the student-teacher ratio. Liw said she will probably have to make adjustments to be able to pay for the tuition increase.

“I was in a little bit of a shock when I read the e-mail about the tuition increase, but I see that our money is not going to waste,” Liw said. “People cannot come to school expecting to pay the same tuition for four years because of our economy.”

The College of Communication can hire two new faculty; one for radio-TV-film and another for communication sciences, Sewell said.

The College of Fine Arts can hire one new faculty for voice and an assistant director for the TCU Band, Sewell said.

The School of Business can hire a new faculty member for management, and the College of Science and Engineering will be able to hire one new chemistry faculty, she said.

Colin Contreras, a freshman biology major, said a new chemistry faculty will come in handy.

“We have to take a chemistry class that has around 150 people in it,” Contreras said. “Having another chemistry teacher would probably help make that class smaller.”

The School of Education can also hire a new faculty member, Sewell said.

Koehler said the hiring process is scheduled to start this semester and faculty are expected to start in the fall.
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