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More students applying for summer leadership roles
Directors look for good role models when selecting facilitators.

By Amy Bowman
Staff Reporter

Today is the day for the 214 students who applied for Frog Camp facilitator.
About 95 will be notified today if they will be leading a camp this year, said Carrie Zimmerman, director of the first year experience at TCU.

This year, more Frog Camp facilitator applications were received than ever before because the program has gained momentum, Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman said one reason for the rise in applicants is that more students are attending Frog Camp and want to come back as facilitators. Others apply because they didn’t attend Frog Camp and feel they missed out on the experience, she said.

Zimmerman said she is anticipating this to be the largest Frog Camp summer yet. To introduce your “new home, away from home,” an additional Casa Nueva camp has been added and staff has been working to expand activities for all camps.

Casa Nueva lets students explore Fort Worth and shows what the Metroplex has to offer.

Zimmerman said educating incoming students to understand what it means to be a part of the TCU community through the Frog Camp experience is a priority.

Directors and facilitators play an important role in making connections with new students. Directors are upperclassmen who have participated as facilitators in past years and help interview and select the new facilitators, Zimmerman said.

When choosing facilitators, Zimmerman said she and the directors look for good role models and representatives for the university.

Zimmerman said they want every camper to be able to identify with someone on the staff, so they pride themselves on a diverse staff with all kinds of personalities.

Facilitator D.A. Obahor, a senior marketing major, said he enjoys meeting new people and having a positive experience with students.

“As a facilitator you get the firsthand chance to turn a new page in a student’s life and help them feel at ease,” Obahor said. “You get to help them prepare for their college situations as well as making friends.”

Like many of the facilitator applicants, directors look forward to the Frog Camp experience just as much as the campers, said director Courtney Arbour, a junior marketing major.

“I think that Frog Camp is the best program TCU offers,” she said. “I’d stay a fifth year if that meant another summer of Frog Camp.”

Students get to choose from several camps to best fit their interests. Frog Camp Alpine, Casa Nueva, Challenge and Quest offer different types activities. Some are geared toward community outreach and others to testing your limits with exciting challenging courses.

Obahor said he feels there is a Frog Camp for all areas of interest and everyone.

“For out-of-state students who want to explore Fort Worth, there is Camp Casa Nueva,” Obahor said. “For students who want an adventurous and exciting camp, there is Camp Challenge.”
Courtesy of TCU’s First Year Experience
Facilitator Val Lund, a senior communication and Spanish major, demonstrates the true spirit of Fort Worth during a Casa Nueva (“New Home”) Frog Camp trip to the Stockyards.
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