TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, February 10, 2004
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What we love, what we hate
Random things that make us happy — or unhappy

Cheers: To our readers who have taken the time to write us letters to the editor. Keep your letters of praise — especially praise — scorn and ridicule coming.

Jeers: To superstitious people who get all worked up over Friday the 13th (the day, not the movie.) That kind of thinking is bad luck! (Irony intended.)

Cheers: “Monster” and “Big Fish” being awesome movies!
Jeers: People who leave restaurants with both credit card receipt slips

Cheers: First dates!

Jeers: Canceling the baseball game on Friday due to “cold weather.”

Cheers: The slim hope of another “Ice Days”

Jeers: To President Bush

Cheers: The Pub!

Jeers: For working all weekend

Cheers: Presents for Valentine’s Day

Jeers: $7 margaritas at El Fenix

For staying out late and sleeping the morning away

Jeers: For staying out late and having to wake up for class

To being single and therefore exempt from the vagrant mockery of love that is Valentine’s Day

Jeers: To the tuition increase and only getting the same amount of scholarship money next year

Cheers: Finally being close to graduation after ... too many years

Jeers: NFL Hall of Fame leaving out the Dallas Cowboys

Cheers: $2 bellinis at Macaroni Grill

Jeers: Not having enough money... ever

Cheers: Three days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training and the official start of the new baseball season

Jeers: To being dumped and miserable for weeks

Cheers: For sarcasm and cynicism

The first round of tests

Cheers: To leading an examined life

Jeers: For ex-girlfriends mysteriously showing up from nowhere
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