TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, February 10, 2004
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New magazine to premiere
The TCU chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization will be printing a monthly magazine aimed at the TCU community.

By Drew Irwin
Staff Reporter

Members of the CEO club plan to launch a magazine later this week that will focus on in-depth stories. Marlin Gusman, editor in chief of the magazine and vice president of publications, said the magazine, named “WHAT’SUPTCU!”, will try to cover information not covered anywhere else.

“We’re going to cover sports, movies, business and anything our readers want to read about,” said Gusman, a sophomore history major. “We basically want to cater to our audience and cover whatever they want to read about.”

The magazine will be based more on investigative reporting than current news, said Jason Ruth, chief executive officer of the club.

“We want everyone to know what is going on in the community around them,” said Ruth, a senior entrepreneurial management and e-business major. “The magazine will highlight TCU students and allow us to provide a forum to discuss a multitude of issues.”

Gusman said he wants the magazine to take a unique approach to covering businesses.

“We want to bring big companies and entrepreneurs to a personal level,” Gusman said. “We’re also going to look at entrepreneurs and small companies in the community.”

While the magazine will be aimed at the same audience as the Skiff, Gusman said he does not think the two will clash.

“I don’t think that we’re in the same genre as the Skiff,” Gusman said. “So I think we’ll be able to coexist pretty well.”

The magazine is actually a continuation of a publication started by business students in 1998. Alumnus Ash Huzenlaub, now president and CEO of Emergisoft Corp., was one of the creators of the magazine.

The club plans to fund the magazine with advertising.

“I wanted an alternative paper that focused more on in-depth stories and the potential for more edgy stories when appropriate,” Huzenlaub said.

Huzenlaub’s edition lasted one semester and ended when he graduated.

Although Huzenlaub is not connected to the current incarnation, he said he’s very impressed by the drive of the current students.

“I applaud all the hard work and ambition that the students of TCU CEO have shown this year,” Huzenlaub said. “It has been truly enjoyable to watch as an alumnus to see so much entrepreneurial activity occurring.”
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