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Letters to the Editor
Fijis portrayed inaccurately

I am writing you in regards to your article “Frats try to avoid fines” in the Jan. 30 issue of the Skiff. I, as a member of Phi Gamma Delta, feel dumped on once again by the Skiff.

I’m not sure how dated your sources are regarding the situation, but allow me to give you the facts. Yes, we were fined $20,000. No, we do not still owe that amount. Phi Gamma Delta has already paid off half ($10,000) of that amount to TCU, and we are in the process of paying off all debts. In addition, there is no guarantee that we will owe more after this semester. The way you wrote the article implies that we currently owe $20,000 to the university and that we will owe more. That is not the situation.

Also, we are known as “FIJI,” not “FIGI.” It is hard for me to comprehend the fact that you did not do enough research to know the correct spelling of one of the largest fraternities in the nation, even with one of the editors of your paper being a member of the fraternity. This, in itself, brings into question the validity of your article’s content.

To me, the most disturbing aspect of this article and previous ones by the Skiff is the propensity to single out Phi Gamma Delta. It is true that we screwed up last semester and were punished for that. It is also true that we are doing all that we can to get back into the good graces of the TCU community. I hope that this trend does not continue because all it does is further the prejudice that many have developed against my chapter.

As I said before, I understand that this situation is newsworthy. I also understand the itch that many writers on your staff have to do investigative reporting. There is more going on than just this. I can tell you that there has been little to no resolve regarding the thousands of dollars worth of possessions stolen from our house, and there seems to be no resolution in sight. In the time since your first report on the thefts, members of my chapter have had more things stolen from their rooms. I know at least one police report has been filed. If you want to do some investigative reporting, please look into why it is taking so long for this matter to be taken care of.

In closing, please take what I have stated here into consideration the next time you decide to write an article. Before writing it, please have all of your facts straight. Phi Gamma Delta has a bright future ahead and we hope that the Skiff will help us in restoring our public image rather than continuing to highlight the problems that we have encountered.

— Julius Eric Junker, senior marketing major

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