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Board of Trustees’ 11.9 percent tuition increase has mixed reactions among student
The increase is producing a varied set of opinions among students and faculty on campus.

By Allison Goertz
Staff Reporter

Tuition is going up yet again, and students are talking about the 11.9 percent increase.

“I was kind of angry when I got the e-mail about it. Tuition is already enough,” said Whitney Graham, freshman biology major.

Andrew Goodridge, a junior radio-TV-film major, said a lot of people he knows at TCU came to school here knowing they could afford the tuition and fees at the time they began school. Now that the costs are going up once more, and he said not everyone can not afford the expense.

Goodridge also said there are ways that costs could be cut, particularly when it comes to athletics.

“They have to spend $30 million on an athletic facility, but then they can’t cover the budget of athletic programs,” Goodridge said.

Senior graphic design major Nick McPherson said he also thinks too much money is spent on athletic facilities.

“It seems like they’re favoring athletes,” McPherson said.

He said if the university is going to increase tuition, it should stop giving parking tickets and use the money from the tuition increase to build a parking garage.
Other students said the increase may not be that bad.

“I’m sure most of my friends are upset a little by it, but if it affects the school in a positive way, they’ll be able to deal with it,” said Brad Minor, a freshman biology major.

Despite the increasing tuition costs, TCU continues to have a record number of applicants.

“I think it’s an indication that students and their families still see TCU as a good value,” said Ben Alexander, director of admissions marketing.

“It obviously isn’t scaring people off,” said Ray Brown, director of admissions.
Brown said that although the increase is big, TCU is still priced below its main competitors.
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