TCU Daily Skiff Thursday, February 05, 2004
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Fad diets fade fast but nutrition lasts
Smart diets and exercise are the right way to go

Fad diets are exactly what the name entails: a fad. They die out just as quickly as they come in. There’s always a new diet that promises you will reach your ideal weight in no time at all, get the perfect form or the opposite sex to notice you.

So what’s the problem with these “lifesaving” diets? Why shouldn’t they be appealing? The answer is that most of them don’t work anyway and just leave us feeling hopeless.

Many people go from diet to diet because they can’t find one they are content with. The real secret is just to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Don’t compromise good food for a diet that doesn’t give you all you need from the food pyramid. You’re selling yourself short on nutrition your body needs to be healthy.

Real happiness doesn’t come from reaching your ideal weight. It’s common knowledge that once you get to the point you want, you become dissatisfied with something else. Perfection may not be possible; however, real happiness is when you can appreciate who you are and not obsess so much about superficial things. Look in the mirror and smile instead of wishing for something more.
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