TCU Daily Skiff Tuesday, February 03, 2004
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Good and bad during Super Bowl
From commercials to halftime to game time

CHEERS: The funny commercial with the dog
JEERS: The Cowboys weren’t in the Super Bowl.

CHEERS: The game was close and hard fought.
JEERS: To Phil Simms commentating. Intelligence doesn’t run in this family.

CHEERS: The Super Bowl was played in Houston.
JEERS: Unimaginative and sorry commercials

CHEERS: Tom Brady in the huddle
JEERS: Troy Brown’s bloody nose

CHEERS: Beyonce singing the second longest National Anthem, EVER!
JEERS: Video game-like camera work

CHEERS: The special effects used in the introduction of the offensive and defensive lines
JEERS: For using old songs during halftime

CHEERS: Jake Delhomne came into his own
JEERS: Patriots winning the game

CHEERS: Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells singing
JEERS: CBS Broadcasters. With the exception of Jim Nantz, they’re pure torture.

CHEERS: Torturing the pizza delivery guy by having him deliver eight pizzas to one house
JEERS: The pizza guy took an hour and a half

CHEERS: For wanting to be a Clydesdale
JEERS: Not taking the Panthers on the spread

CHEERS: For beer (yes, it rhymes!)
JEERS: All the movie preview commercials

CHEERS: To Justin Timberlake (from the women)
JEERS: To Justin Timberlake (from the men)

CHEERS: To Super Bowl parties
JEERS: To almost being the only Super Bowl to go into overtime

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