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Have no fear, spring fashions are here

By Rachel Cox
Skiff Staff

Women’s fashion today is indeed very different from that of last decade, or even last season. Fashion has become quite important to our culture and society, especially to college-age young women. Have you noticed the astonishing number of women’s fashion magazines that fill the periodicals section? So ladies, if you’re scared of becoming a fashion emergency — have no fear, because the latest spring fashions are here!

Now that spring is right around the corner, it’s time to shake some color back into your wardrobe. So put away the Ugg boots and get a pedicure because sandal season is almost here. For those of you who have been cramping your toes into the pointy-toed boots and sandals all winter, there is hope for you. Many designers are opting for spring sandals with a more rounded-toe. Many styles come two-toned (including my favorite, brown and pink) with cut-outs on the sides and top. But don’t worry if you love your pointy-toed look, it’s as sexy as ever.

Many gals are beginning to fashion initials on jewelry, not just on clothing and purses. These initials, or of someone else special, have made their way to necklaces and bracelets, which has become the latest craze. Also, chandelier earrings are all the rave in fun colors and different stones. Accents and hints of gold are also going to be seen paired with the elegance of shimmery, colored stones like cherry quartz, pink sapphires and various shades of aquamarine stones. Remember, when wearing jewelry of this sort, don’t wear an outfit that is too busy. Simple styles usually accent a fine piece of jewelry and help add elegance to the look. Remember, classy, not trashy. Color is the key word this season in all accessories and clothing. Pink has officially made it back onto the scene, and I think it will be here for a while. A great example is the pink Oscar de la Renta dress that Carrie wore in last week’s episode of “Sex and the City.” Also, splashes of Tiffany’s turquoise and Caribbean orange will be seen through the season. Purses seem to be getting smaller and smaller. The clutch has made a comeback and is now being spotted in many colors and patterns. Hot new pattern trends are polka-dots, stripes, and tweed-trimmed jackets that are very popular for early spring.

This season, hairstyles should bring life back to dull winter looks. So if you have been trying to get the curl out all winter, let it go for once and see what happens. Remember it’s only hair, it CAN be fixed. For a more dramatic look, try a sweeping wavy updo. This helps accent the neckline or that great pair of chandelier earrings.

Finally, makeup this spring is very fun and easy. To get the luminous look, simply use a translucent shimmer-dust with a little bit of powder and maybe add a little colored hint of eye shadow to accent the eyes. Mac has come out with new spring Lipglass shades that are also great to glam up the lips this season. To get the bronze effect, use a tiny bit of a bronzer powder to get the warm, sun-kissed glow. Lancôme makes a great bronzer in a lotion and a loose powder. The key to spring makeup is to look fresh, natural and not too made-up.

In fashion today, looking great and feeling your best is not all, you have to smell great too! This spring it is all about the light, fresh scents. Victoria’s Secret Pink, and Escada’s Island Kiss are great seasonal favorites. Overall, fashion for the upcoming season offers many options.

There is one thing that we can always rely on, the ever-changing trends of fashion. Without our own unique styles and sense of fashion, this world would be an awfully boring place. So whatever you wear or whenever you wear it, wear your fashion with your own style, and your look will never become out-dated. Until then, happy shopping!

Fashion drawingFashion drawing
All sketches by Victoria Dickson
Sketches show jackets are in and round-toed shoes may be back.
Fashion drawing
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