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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Frog Fountain
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Welcome back to school everyone
Be sure to make the most of this semester

Greetings from all your friends at the TCU Daily Skiff. We hope you had a safe and fun winter break, and are as excited as we are about entering another semester at TCU.

As we kick off the spring 2004 semester, it is important to remember that many TCU students are entering into a very auspicious time. Some are beginning their final semester at TCU and are facing the harsh reality that they will be out in the “real world” in a little more than four short months. Others will be struggling to understand how they can possibly be old enough to be ending their first year of college.
Separate identity
Voters should make informed decisions

College is said to be a time for experimentation and self-discovery, to strike out on one’s own — form your own identity and opinions.
Staff Demographics
The make up of the Spring 2004 Skiff staff
National health care has many benefits

Imagine you get in bed one night and tune into the fair, unbiased reporting of the Fox News Channel. Tonight’s topic: The radical left wing is subjecting us to the socialist idea of nationalized public health care.
Skiff staff relies on student feedback

The Skiff newsroom is just like a classroom when you think about it.
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